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“Finding yourself is key to your success, not only in life in general, but also in your career. Getting to know yourself is the first step to finding who you are, and becoming who you were meant to be.”



Female Leadership & Management

You will expand your general management and leadership skills while exploring the latest research and emerging best practices. Whatever your role, the program will prepare you to maintain and sustain strategic advantage for your organization.

Specifically, your company will benefit from your improved ability to:

  • Identify and capture new opportunities for innovation
  • Lead organizational change
  • Develop talent and leadership qualities in others
  • Foster and leverage organizational diversity
  • Achieve key business goals
You will focus on enhancing your own approach to leadership and on building a personal action plan designed to help you to be more effective. You will expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence as you learn how other successful women have approached management and leadership challenges. 

In the process, you will become better able to:

  • Build processes that foster your organization’s ability to innovate
  • Negotiate skillfully inside and outside your company
  • Identify keys to create high-performance work teams
  • Adapt your organization to current business conditions
  • Create an internal culture that thrives on diversity and change
  • Foster ethical decision making throughout the organization
  • Create financial planning action plan

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Power and Influence

Decades of research have shown that people with influence skills are able to get better and faster results for their organizations, have more successful careers, and enjoy less stress on the job because they are able to get important support and resources they need for their projects quickly. Unfortunately, few managers and professionals are aware of the many proven influence strategies that are available to them.

Therefore, this program is designed to provide you with specific ethical influence techniques that you can use every day at work. We will first focus on developing interpersonal influence, which includes understanding what is important to others, and framing your requests in ways that are more likely to gain their support. You will also learn specific skills for using six universal forms of influence and building your social capital.

You will develop a personal action plan in which you apply what you learned at this workshop to your personal, professional, and organizational goals so that you can get better results in less time using fewer resources and with less stress – and more enjoyment.

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About The Female Leader

Female business professionals and entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges and struggles, but they also possess an innate desire and ability to successfully lead.

The Female Leader offers an array of services and resources that are designed to boost the effectiveness of women in management and leadership positions. From executives to entrepreneurs, The Female Leader has the tools to equip women for leadership roles. The Female Leader offers live speaking engagements, workshops, courses, and resources that cover a wide variety of leadership topics. All facets of The Female Leader are dedicated to enhancing the skills and successes of women leaders by helping women find themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make headway in the business world.


All of our classes are designed for use with individual, corporate, or governmental groups, offering versatile programs to benefit women across the business spectrum. Whether you are looking for a one day workshop or a comprehensive business course for women, The Female Leader offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of women in business who want to advance their careers. The Female Leader is powered by The People Engine.


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What does a female leader need to excel in management, entrepreneurship, or other facets of business?

The Female Leader offers dynamic programs and resources to boost the knowledge and professionalism of women in management and leadership positions to help them succeed. With the Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur workshop, women learn the difference between telecommuters, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

Other programs, such as The Business Basics, Excellence as a Woman, and Skills for Women, seek to give women the foundation necessary to excel in business leadership positions.

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Leadership can be innate, but that doesn’t mean that strong leadership skills always come naturally. With The Female Leader Test, you can gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a woman in leadership. This small questionnaire will identify your capacity as a leader. We have designed this small test as a meter for change.

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